Tell me about yourself and your daily routine:

I am 30 years old, from Wicklow in Ireland and I am living in Zurich for just over 5 years now. I am an accountant by day working for a food company and in my spare time I like to run, hike, travel and to cook.

Which sport did you practice before?

From the age of 8 until the age of 25 I played an Irish sport called Gaelic football. It is a great sport to keep fit and in good shape. We trained 3 times a week with a game each week or every second week. The sport requires a mix of physical strength, speed, foot and hand skills.

How did you come to know Paul Käser PT?

I met Paul first through the HIIT trainings which he instructed in his previous gym near the HB. I then started some private one hour sessions with Paul in December 2014.

How did your mobility, flexibility and posture develop?

I experienced significant improvements in mobility, posture and flexibility. In particular my lower body and hips. Also, my shoulder area is my weak point and so this was one area which Paul helped me a lot with and it has certainly improved considerably. Paul puts a lot of focus on Strength, but also mobility and he will tell you without mobility you will never achieve your true strength. This is something I completely agree with and something I am mindful of in my daily routine. 

How did your energy level develop?

I trained mostly with Paul in the mornings before work. I found this very beneficial during the day, it gave me great awareness, focus and energy throughout the working day and improved my sleep patterns.

What was the biggest change for you?

My training with Paul focused on mobility and strength work as this was my interest. The biggest change was in my overall body upper and lower legs are significantly stronger, my back is significantly stronger and there are plenty of new muscles visible in my abdominal area which I could not see before I started training with Paul.

How often and how long did you train?

At the beginning, 1-2 sessions per week, but in the last 6 months I tried to train at least 3 times per week with Paul and sometimes 4 times when possible. When training 3 times and more a week, this is where I really felt I was making the most progress.

What is your favorite exercise? I have many now thanks to Paul and all of these exercises I could not do before I started training with Paul. For me my favourite exercises and the exercises I think are the best to achieve real changes in strength and body composition are: barbell squats - front and back, deadlifts and pull ups.

Did you also do endurance training to burn fat?

Not every week, but I would try run on the weekends when I could. Normally for 1 hour or so and also I did other sports like skiing and hiking when possible. I also like to do short high intensity sprinting. Again I did this type of exercise when I could, maybe 2 times a month on average.

How was the reaction of your environment to the change in the last weeks and months?

Very positive. The training with Paul has been a big help to me in terms of managing my health, I am type 1 diabetic so it is really important to exercise. As I mentioned above, I reduced my body fat and increased my lean muscle which studies have shown helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Also, my wife notices a big improvement in body tone and friends and family have also been complimentary.

And what comes next?

I will continue my training, mixing up my routine between mobility work, strength training, high intensity interval training and endurance. This type of training together with a diet which is low in carbohydrate, high in good fats and moderate to high protein is what I believe will help me manage my diabetes, avoid long term health issues associated with diabetes and live a long and good life! 


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